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Commercial Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Barstools have been an important element of commercial interior design for decades, flanking the dining and drinking areas of hotels, restaurants, and leisure facilities. Being much higher than conventional stools and chairs, they provide seating at a sociable height allowing interaction between those seated and also those who prefer to stand.

However in recent years, the humble bar stool has become a fashionable and highly functional item of domestic furniture too, as house owners strive to make the best possible use of the available space. As well as being a stylish piece of furniture in its own right, the barstool is a clever, space saving item that is popular with young and old alike.


Barstools are now available in a wide variety of designs to suit all interior themes, and the materials used in their construction vary from long lasting, functional wood and robust metal to eco-friendly rattan and natural wicker. A spectrum of attractive wood finishes is available and metals range from classic rustic forged steel to stylish contemporary polished chrome. The natural charm offered by wicker and rattan make them a long term favourite, and retro styles in acrylic and vinyl bring a hint of yesteryear into today’s decorative themes.

With a standard seat height of between 26 and 32 inches, the regular barstool fits perfectly under a kitchen worktop or breakfast bar, thereby optimising the floorspace. In many contemporary houses and apartments, space is at a premium so breakfast bars and central bar tables are taking the place of the conventional dining table, making the barstool the ideal choice of seating.

Barstools are available with a range of functional options; fixed or swivel seating, adjustable heights, with or without arms; leather, faux leather, or fabric upholstery – the choices are endless. They can be moved from room to room, or rigidly secured to the floor for extra safety or for when the location of the bar stools forms part of the interior scheme. Constructed with a heavy base for safety and balance, the barstool is a safe choice of seating as rocking and tipping is not possible from the elevated position.

For stylish interiors, luxury leather and fine fabric upholstery is an option to make the barstool an integral part of the design scheme, rather than just an extremely useful item of furniture. For families however, the best choice of upholstery would be easy clean faux leather or wipe able fabric. Children love to be seated high up, so sticky fingers and spills are likely to be a part of daily life. The latest wipe clean fabrics makes stains a thing of the past. The plus side is that children will enjoy sitting on the barstools so they will be encouraged to enjoy family mealtimes.

The selection of barstools has never been so wide, with endless styles to suit every taste and budget from high end luxury in leather and chrome to practical wood with cleanable fabric covers. By taking the time to select the most appropriate barstool, right from the start, the furniture will retain its appearance for many years.

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