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Counter bar stools in the home

Counter Bar Stools

Counter bar stools are effective ways of transforming your home or business into a sociable place.

There are all sorts of advantages that come with selecting a counter barstool; either in a home or commercial environment. The fact that the term ‘barstool’ is mentioned in conjunction with ‘counter’ tells you a lot about what you need to know. Counter bar stools are specifically designed to be used at a counter, which marks them out from other stand alone bar stools.

One of the principal advantages of a counter barstool is that they encourage cohesiveness and conversation. If you place a counter barstool up next to your breakfast bar, the person sitting on the stool is able to be part of the action; he or she can converse freely over the bar with whoever is the other side of it. In a commercial setting, choosing a counter barstool allows your customers to interact with your service personnel, which encourages the idea of your establishment being a ‘hang out’ type place.

Allegro Deluxe Bar Stools

Allegro Deluxe Bar Stools

If that is the type of environment you’re looking to cultivate, you could do a lot worse then examine the Rena. The Rena is an adjustable counter barstool; the adjustability means that it will fit next to almost any counter. If you’re looking for a modern counter barstool, then this could be right up your street. Conversely, if you’re looking for something slightly less contemporary, why not consider the Allegro Deluxe? Again it’s adjustable, and will fit nicely alongside your counter, but it also exudes a sort of 50’s chic charm – it would work extremely well in a themed bar or café. If you’re looking for something in between, then the Grid Bar Stool could be the one for you. It has elements of modernism with its chrome effect metal, but it includes a nod to the retro with the gridded faux leather seat.

When purchasing a counter barstool it is important to ensure that the barstool you go for works well in union with your counter. If your counter is glossy black marble, then it’s unlikely that an all-wood barstool will work well in that context. If that is your set-up, then you’d be far better going for something like the Rena or the Duo Deluxe. If you’ve got a slightly more organic set-up, the sort of set-up you might have in your breakfast nook, then the Rena could work, but perhaps you could be better off with the Allegro Deluxe.

If you’re not worried about the commercial aspect and you’re just looking for a counter barstool for your kitchen, then the Benito comes in a variety of colours, which will ensure you’ll be able to find the right shade to compliment your kitchen.

If it is the commercial avenue that concerns you, then you need to make sure that whatever counter barstool you’re going for is going to be durable. The last thing you want is a barstool that is only going to last you 5 minutes. So pick on style yes, but substance is equally important.