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Red bar stools take over!

Red bar stools

Tennis legend Maria Sharapova recently said “I want to be different. If everyone is wearing black, I want to be wearing red.” Red is a striking stand out colour and makes a brilliant vibrant colour for any piece of furniture. But whether in the home or in a commercial setting a good Bar Stool also brings this sense of standing out – of vibrancy. There are a host of classic and classy Bar Stools in red from with plenty of ideas and styles available.

Something that looks classic and classy is the Chrome Kensington Bar Stool with a red leather finish. Whether in a commercial or home situation chrome looks striking and very modern. The high-seated Chrome stool can be finished off by a beautiful red leather seat. Chrome screams trendy, cool and modern. The red seat will carry this look off perfectly – it’s a splash of colour for whatever setting you’re working with. This stool is high on comfort and high on style too.

Another option is Barstools range of Fixed Height Bar Stools in with red leather seating. A fixed height stool is an alternative to a gas lift stool – it looks more classic and can add chique to any environment. The wooden frame is something that provides great stability sitting and is a flexible piece of furniture easily moved or stored. This feels like a classic Bar Stool – something you’d see in traditional Pub, although a splash of red could give this a real difference.

Crescent Bar Stools

Crescent Bar Stools

Zed Bar Stool & Manhattan Bar Furniture offers a lively, fashionable and chic fixed height alternative. Again red can create a very striking piece of furniture but these are finished off with chrome frames and look space-age in their design. You could see these stools and furniture in a classic kitchen or stylish flat or living room. They work great commercially too in a modern up-to-date bar or club. The Crescent Bar Stool is an up to date and modern stool coming in striking red as well as many other colours. These are the height of design and will make any room look stunning.

If you’re looking for a comfortable seat then Cushion Bar Stools could be the answer. Imagine a classic design, but then sitting on a comfortable and soft seat shining out in a stunning red colour. These seats are smart, comfortable and really affordable. This is a gas lift seat and means it is flexibility and able to swivel 360. This is a great seat in a kitchen area or around a bar.

Lastly our red theme could be explored in the Bombay Bar Stool. This is a worldwide classic that is recognisable tin any location. It’s rounded corners give a comfort and stability that’s unmatched and it invites anyone to come and sit down. This stool is a classic design and will look good anywhere.

Bar Stools give a classic feel to any environment – and in red that extra wow factor.