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The Cushion Bar Stool

Cushion Bar Stools, Smart, Compact And Affordable

The cushion bar stool is one of the most popular designs of bar stool. It could be down to the simple design. The seat is made of really good quality faux leather, but with a small back rest. This makes it comfortable to sit on but still short enough to push under the bar if necessary, thus making it practical as well as attractive. The overall look of the stool gives a modern feel and can blend in well with any modern decor. The chrome support of the stool gives it an elegance that will wow you customers. It has cool curves to make it attractive to women but the shiny sleek metalwork will favour your male guests, therefore appealing to everyone. The rounded seat is inviting, and comfortable when you are seated on it.

Cushion Bar Stools

Cushion Bar Stool Cream

The gas lift makes it versatile enough to use with different heights of surface and will suit people of different heights as they will all be able to adjust it for their own comfort. These bar stools swivels by 360 degrees so you can easily turn around from the bar area to look around the room. This is far preferable than having to get off your stool to see who is behind you. It therefore makes a more comfortable seating arrangement. The swivel will also make it easier to get on and off the stool as you can sit up sideways then swivel under the surface you are sitting at, rather than having to push the stool out and not being able to move it back again once you are seated because of its height.

The seat is padded with foam to make it comfortable for sitting for longer periods of time. This is a real advantage over the stools with plastic seats as it can encourage your customers to stay at the bar for longer. The seat comes in a variety of colours to fit in with your establishment. Choose from white, black, red, cream or brown.

The easy to clean materials these bar stools are made of, make it very practical. A wash off with soapy water and it will look like new again. Therefore making maintenance very easy. You will have to assemble it yourself after purchase but then there is very little extra work to do.

The stool has a height range of 59-80cm base to seat or 69-91cm base to the seat back. It is 39cm wide and 41cm deep. This means it won’t take up valuable space in your bar but is large enough to cater for some of your larger customers.

The price of these bar stools have to be seen to be believed. It is an item with style, comfort and is practical but at a very low price. A real bargain and great investment for your business. These stools sell very quickly as they are such value for money, and can go out of stock from time to time, so don’t delay if you are interested in buying one, put in an order today.