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Bar Stools For Commercial Use

Commercial bar stools – the importance of getting it right

Anybody faced with the task of finding bar stools for commercial purposes will consider the tough test they face. Not only do they have to find products made to a high enough standard to withstand hundreds, if not thousands of customers a year, they need to make sure those products come in within budget.

Of potentially even more importance is finding the bar stool that will help bring your venue to a new level – finding the bar stool that will not just look good in your bar or café, but finding the bar stool that will help your bar or café look better as a whole.

Thankfully we’ve got hundreds of bar stools available, so you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for – whether that’s something classic or something to stand out and make people look twice. Since all our commercial stools are made to trade standards you don’t have to worry about their quality, and whether buying one stool or a hundred, you’ll find that our prices are extremely hard to beat.

Want to give your customers the ultimate in comfort with a unique design? The Torino bar stool in black could be just what your after. The shape and look of the chair is a cross between the stackable chairs you would find in a school and a high performance car. It sounds odd, but looks sublime – something truly unique. While this stool is a pleasure to look at, it’s the comfort on offer that really deserves the plaudits. The moulded backrest, beautifully cushioned seat and wonderfully soft faux leather makes this a first-class commercial bar stool that would fit in perfectly in a number of businesses.

Torino Bar Stool Black

Torino Bar Stools

If you imagined your bar stools a little more colourful there are plenty of ranges with vivid shades to match your dreams. Take the Harmony bar stools for instance – as well as classic colours such as black, brown and cream you can also be daring with colours such as green and red. The orange stool may be just what you need in your swanky cocktail lounge, while the purple could be the perfect shade for a café macchiato in your coffee house.

Looking for a bar stool in a classical style with undeniable quality and a timeless appeal? Again, we’ve got lots of ranges to choose from, but you might want to start with the Genova bar stool. Sumptuous genuine leather, beautifully deep walnut finished legs and expert craftsmanship are all proudly on display in this top of the range commercial bar stool. If you’re serious about investing in your business and want to reap the rewards for years to come with a stunning bar stool, this might just be it.

You might not think that bar stools are your number one priority, whatever business it is you’re running. But the quality of the seating you provide is just as important as the food, drink, or anything else on offer. It’s the one thing your customers keep in contact with – if they don’t feel comfortable on what they’re sitting everything else will suffer. So, from the café to the cocktail lounge, if you want to get customers through the door you need to get them on your seats.