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High Bar Stools

High bar stools

Choosing the right bar stools for your needs is, unfortunately, often limited more by the space that the stool is going to be put in, rather than your taste or flare for interior design. Choosing a stool with a seat that brings out the colour in your kitchenware is all well and good, but, if the stool is thirty inches high, and the table is thirty five inches high, you’re going to run into trouble when to comes to sitting down for a family meal.

As a general rule of thumb, you should have roughly a foot (twelve inches) between the seat of your stool and the top of the surface at which the stool will be placed.
Now, what about those counters that are more than thirty five inches off of the ground?
The chances are, if you have a counter that is much more than thirty five inches off of the ground, you either own a bar, or have created one in your home… or there was some terrible mis-measure when you ordered your dining table. Either way, you’re going to need a high bar stool to accommodate your raised surfaces, but what should you look for in a high bar stool?

Deluxe Casino Bar Stools

Deluxe Casino Bar Stools

Most importantly, you will need to make sure the base of the stool is structurally sound. The further from the ground a bar stool is, the more susceptible to the stresses placed on it than a stool that has a low centre of gravity. Obviously, all of the stools at are made to the highest standards, but some stools are simply stronger. For example, stools with a single trunk are not as sturdy as stools with legs. If you think your high bar stool may be subjected to a good deal of sideways motion – for example, someone rocking on their stool – then a stool with a strong base is essential.
On the same note, it is worth considering that falling from a high bar stool is likely to hurt more than falling from a low one. If your stools are rated for a maximum of three hundred pounds, and you have a friend who weighs three hundred and two pounds, do not let them sit on that stool, because it will be all the more painful if it breaks and/or they fall off of it.
If you’re buying stools for a bar, or an area where alcohol is likely to be consumed in any significant amount, it is worth considering a high bar stool with a backrest. Some people are clumsy enough to fall off of the back of a seat without a backrest completely sober, but add alcohol to that mix, and the chances of an embarrassing fall increase significantly.
Finally, make sure any high bar stools you buy come with adequate support for the sitters feet. It can be incredibly uncomfortable to be sat on a stool that is too far from the ground to put your feet down, but has no support, leaving your legs dangling in no-mans land.