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Modern Bar Stools

Modern bar stools: Offering a seat that stands out

Modern bar stools are all about creating an immediate impression – wowing the eye with a breathtaking design before the bottom even has a chance to be impressed with the comfort it’s about to enjoy.

While traditionalists may disagree, there’s no beating a modern bar stool when it comes to impressing guests or patrons with the wow factor. Here are a selection of the best modern bar stools on offer.

Solace Bar Stools

Solace Bar Stools

The Solace bar stool in white is a great piece of minimalist design. All attention is directed at the seat, which looks as good as it feels thanks to high quality faux leather on the outside and a high density foam mix on the inside for ultimate comfort. The foot and back rests look elegant yet thoroughly modern, combining straight lines and curves for a sophisticated finish.

The Milano bar stool, which is available in red, black, and white, is not too dissimilar to the solace, with all of the attention clearly centred around the actual seat area, which is itself minimalist in design. Slight curves extending both up and down the ends of the seat help create a subtle ‘S’ shape that is incredibly sleek while offering the sitter added support.

Then we have the Fusion bar stool. Again, this stool shares a couple of features with the Milano bar stool, such as the seat’s shape, but where it truly stands out is in the exquisite colours on offer. The clear acrylic seats that come in colours such as blue, orange and green are perfect for any room that needs an injection of life. The Rena bar stool is the Fusion’s older cousin, offering a taller back for added support or a more traditional chair aesthetic.

However, one of the true eye catchers in the modern range is the Zed bar stool. The seat area is a little like the Milano bar stool, although a bit chunkier, while the foot rest is very classic – trendy yet unobtrusive. The star feature of this stool is it’s single leg, which tapers down diagonally from the front of the seat, creating what almost looks like a lightning bolt. The shape of this stool is so unusual it almost looks as if it couldn’t support someone sitting on it – rest assured it’s very sturdy, and it’s hidden strength will soon have people talking. This strength and stability comes from the fact that unlike the other two stools, which come with gas lifts and swivel capabilities, the Zed bar stool is fixed.
Modern bar stools have become incredibly popular both in domestic and commercial settings as people search for something a little out of the ordinary. Cocktail bars that want to separate themselves from the competition and householders that want to get away from magnolia kitchens and stamp their personality on their living space have plenty of styles and designs to choose from. The question now is: do you get a matching set of bar stools for a cohesive, organised feel, or do you embrace the possibilities that come with modern bar stools and instead mix and match?