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Solace Bar Stools

Stunning Solace Bar Stools

Solace Bar Stools

Solace Bar Stool White & Chrome

If you’re after a contemporary bar stool that won’t date, then look no further than the Solace bar stool. Available in a range of colours from black, white and chrome, this stool will complement the existing features of your home while adding a classic modern elegance. Here at bar we think our Solace range embodies the look of the future, and here’s why.

1. Simple styling

Simple styles can never go out of fashion. Just think about your wardrobe. You might be regretting the purchase of those Capri pants that were so big a few years ago, but I bet your trusty black dress still gets plenty of regular wear.

The basic design of the Solace bar stool means it won’t overpower your room. We know every so often you’ll want to redecorate, so we’ve created a stool that will blend just as harmoniously in your new room as it does your present one.

2. Functionality

The most important feature of our products is that their design is fit for purpose. This has never been more true that with out Solace bar stool. It provides exactly what you need from a stool – a comfortable seat, with a lever mechanism to adjust the height, a good sized foot rest and a sturdy base. We’ve got the basics just right through our years of experience and design development, ensuring this product will be just as relevant in 10 years time as it is now.

3. Quality

Our Solace bar stools are made with the highest quality materials, so you can be sure their built to last. We understand our product isn’t going to be sitting in a museum so we ensure it’s fully capable of withstanding the daily wear and tear you’d expect from a family home or commercial premises.

If you do experience any problems you can take comfort in the fact within the first year you’ll be able to claim on your guarantee. We’ll also provide you at the point of sale with floor protection to prevent any unwanted scratching, reducing the wear and tear on your home.

4. Chameleon colours

Our Solace stools come in two colours, black and white. You can choose to have the metal frame finished with with either brushed metal or chrome.

We’ve made your colour choices simple for one reason. We want our bar stools to be timeless. Black and white will never go out of style. They’re colours with chameleon-like qualities that can blend in well with your surroundings, whatever the colour or atmosphere. The sheer adaptability of our stools, coupled with their durable nature means you’ll have no reason to pay out for a replacement any time soon. This not only saves you money, it limits waste in the process.

These stunning stools will add a subtle and classic touch to your home or commercial premises. With chic simple design, quality materials and exceptional functionality, they’ll be no reason for you to ever need a new bar stool. Try one for yourself today.