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Funky Bent Wood Bar Stools

Funky Bar Stools By Bar Stools UK

If you are looking for a new bar stool that is both practical and very good value for money, but also stylish and really classy, then look no further than the new Matrix range of bar stools.

These elegant stools have a design that has to be seen to be believed. They have been produced by a leading design company from the United Kingdom and are not a style you would expect from a bar stool. The design brings together the practicality of a bar stool with the classy sophistication you would only consider from an expensive dining experience. They are modern and fashionable but with an air of glamour and sophistication, and a unique item that wouldn’t have been seen before.

The stools have a gas lift to allow the height to be changed from 86cm to 107cm, and the seat has a 360 degree swivel to make it practical to use. The foot rest is an essential part of the stylish design and adds a modern twist to the overall feel. It is made of chrome and in a t-bar style, made extra shiny to look fresh and clean. The solid square floor rest is an unexpected change from the normal circular designs and helps to make this bar stool stand out even more as well as making the base seem more secure and safe hence making the stool appear sturdy as well as attractive.

The stool features a wooden back with a cut out design which is funky and interesting enough to catch your eye. The design is irregular so it captures your attention and will make you want to look at it over and over again. It has a curved wooden back to make it more comfortable to sit on and a cushioned seat made of faux leather so it a super way to relax but also very practical to keep clean. The back is very shiny so complements the chrome, but the carving helps to highlight the beauty of the wood and make the item seem both natural and futuristic at the same time.

This stool comes in a range of colours to suit your establishment. Choose from walnut, black or white. Each of the colour combinations are equally stylish and will stand out in any environment. The seat has a width of 40.5cm and a depth of 44.5cm so it isn’t too small to cause discomfort for the user but is still small enough to easily store away when not in use. The bar stools can easily be lowered down and pushed under a counter top to make the bar area look more spacious.

With a one year guarantee the Funky bar stool offers great value at an unbeatable price. So please don’t delay. Make sure you are the first to own one of these beautiful furniture items. Order your funky, fun and fashionable Funky bar stool before they sell out, and be one of the trendiest bars, eating places or homes around.

Funky Bar Stools

Funky Bar Stool Walnut