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Gas Lift Bar Stools

Gas lift bar stools

When choosing bar stools, it is easy to get bogged down in the appearance – the material, the colour, the style – and fail to give adequate attention to fundamental aspects of the stool you are considering.

Do you want a stool with a flat base, or one with legs. Do you want the stool to be heavy, reducing the likelihood of it being shuffled around, or would you rather have a lighter stool, because it is going to get moved anyway, and you don’t want your floor to be scuffed.
In this post, we will examine what a gas lift stool is, and whether or not you need one.
The technology in gas lift bar stools is, by and large, the same gas lift system you will find some household stools, kitchen-counter stools, and just about every office chair manufactured in the last decade. It is the mechanism that allows you to simply pull a small lever to either lower your seat (if you are sat on it) or raise your seat (if you are not).
The benefit of a gas lift chair in the home, where comfort is key, is obvious, just as it is in an office setting, where ergonomics play an important role in everyday life. But, do you need one in your bar, restaurant, or other public establishment?
Firstly, look at the range of surfaces you have in your establishment. Are there varying heights of counter-top. Is the bar a different height to the wall-mounted counter? If yes, it may be worth considering something like the Detroit Bar Stool, which can be adjusted to suit the height of the surface you are sitting at, and also has a rigid alternative of the same style, so you can mix and match.

Detroit Bar Stools

Detroit Bar Stools

If, on the other hand, all of your bar stool-height surfaces are the same height, a gas bar stool may not be necessary. It is always worth remembering that, whenever you introduce moving parts to anything, it reduces the life of that thing. Though the gas bar stools you will find on are of the highest quality, gas lift stools will, eventually, fail, whereas rigid-body stools will not. For that reason alone, you may want to go with the non-gas option if there is no need to adjust the height of your stools.
With that said, it’s also worth remembering that the average bar these days will be refurbished and redecorated multiple times in the length of time it takes a gas bar stool to reach the end of its life, so don’t let this factor put you off if your needs would benefit from an adjustable stool, rather than a rigid one.
On that note, if you own a small diner, or you’re just looking for something to line the counters of your kitchen, you can’t go wrong with a gas bar stool like the Crescent Bar Stool. But, if that’s not to your taste, there are literally hundreds of alternatives to choose from.