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American Diner Bar Stools

American Diner Style Bar Stools

American diner style bar stools are ever more popular for use in restaurants, cafe style diners and in peoples homes. But why are people so taken with this simple but stylish little stool?

American Diner Style Bar Stools

Detroit American Diner Style Bar Stool

The first thing to attract you is the design which is very slick and appealing. The 50’s look can take some customers back to their childhood, and other younger people will enjoy seeing a different style. It gives an air of carefree enjoyment from your youth which helps you relax and enjoy the setting. Therefore it can be a popular choice for bars and eating establishments that want to make customers feel at ease so they stay longer and want to return for multiple visits.

The height adjustable seat will make it fun to sit on as well as practical for use at a variety of different bars. The seat can swivel making it easy to get on and off as well as to turn around to check out who is behind you! This style of seat is very easy to push out of the way under the bar if you need to make the room look more spacious, as you can simply lower the seat down as far as it can go and push it out of the way. These bar stools have a foot rest all around the base making them easier to use as you don’t have to worry which side you sit on, unlike those with backs of small foot rests that have a front and back.

There are more and more American diner style cafes appearing on our high streets. This is making the style of these sort of establishment more popular and it is being copied in other restaurants and in peoples homes. If you want to make a fashionable statement and not get left behind then you will need to purchase one of these practical and stylish American diner style bar stools.

A great example of this bar stool are the Detroit bar stools in black, red, white, cream and brown. The bright red seat makes this a particular attractive example of this style of stool. However if you aren’t keen on traditional red, you can also choose from black, cream, brown and white, so you can find a colour to match your decor. The bar stools are very easy to assemble with great instructions on how to put it together. It is made of high quality faux leather and chrome materials. Protection is supplied so it won’t scratch the floors surface. It has a pattern of four chrome circles around the rim of the seat making it particularly attractive and eye catching. This comes at a great price of £59.99 a real low cost way to add the spirit of the 50’s to your home, bar or eating establishment. It even has a one year guarantee so that if by any chance you aren’t happy with the quality or something goes wrong you can get it replaced. So choose these bar stools to give your home or business a classic American diner look but without blowing the budget.