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Decorating A Bar On A Budget

Harmony Bar Stool Purple

Harmony Bar Stool Purple

‘Bar Stools UK’ tips for decorating a bar on a budget

If you own a bar then you might be wanting to give it a facelift, obviously we can help you with the bar stools but we can also offer some sound advice to help you along the way too. The problem is, though, that there isn’t exactly a great deal of money flying around at the moment. A lot of people are living on the bread line and this has had an impact on the amount of disposable income that people allow themselves for the purpose of going out and socialising. Do not worry. There are five great ways that you can spruce up your bar without having to take out a loan or break the bank. Here’s how.

Reclamation Materials

If you get on Google and type in reclamation yards and salvage yard in your area, then you will be surprised at just how many they are. Get yourself down to them and get searching. The fixtures and fittings of a million and one bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels, all end up in a salvage yard. You’ll be amazed at what you can find. It’s also a great way to get inspired.

Bar Stools From a Sale

A big part of your output when it comes to decorating your bar, is the seating arrangements. If you’ve got a bar that sits fifty people then that’s fifty times whatever type of bar stools you decide to buy. And so, even a saving of £5.00 per bar stool represents a significant saving. If you use Google and do a little bit of research then it isn’t difficult to find a great supplier that offers tremendous value on numerous stylish, quality bar stools.

Source Things from Charity Shops and EBay

It is going to drastically reduce the cost of redecorating if you go online and onto EBay, and also onto charity shops. The amount of things you’ll find on EBay is unbelievable. Lots of places that have had to close down or have recently been through a refurbishment put all their old décor online. You can find all sorts, from bar stools and sofas, right the way through to industrial dishwashers and full section bar fronts. For smaller items such as pictures, picture frames and ornaments, get looking around your local charity shops.

Bring Back Old Wooden Flooring

If your bar has the old original wooden parquet flooring then this is not only the solution to your problem of resurfacing the floor, it the choice you should be making irrespective of whether or not money is an issue. Uncover the floor and get some elbow grease out, and in no time yours will be the bar with the best looking floor in town.

Using Multiple Styles to Create an Overall Aesthetic

It can sometimes be off-putting to source items second-hand because there’s no ways of getting a multitude of things that match. This can create a fantastic aesthetic in itself, though. By getting a variety of things for you bar you can create a quirky bricolage vibe that’ll really get people chatting and, above all else, relaxing. It creates a homely vibe that suggests your bar is a place to chill out and not take things to seriously, which is just what the average reveller wants.

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