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Best Selling Lacey Bar Stools!

The Lacey Bar Stool By Bar Stools UK!

Lacey Bar Stools

The Best Selling Lacey Bar Stool!


The Lacey bar stool is one of our best selling designs, and when you take a look at this fantastic product it’s easy to see why. I’ve summarised the main benefits of this classic bar stool below, so you can see why it’s so popular with our customers.

1. Stylish design

If you’re after a contemporary style that will bring your room bang up to date and on trend, then you need look no further. The comfortable faux leather coupled with a functional chrome base ensures our Lacey bar stool lives up to the height of style and functionality. We’re willing to bet that once you’re perched on this classic bar stool you’ll never want to leave.

2. Easy to maintain

Chrome is incredibly easy to clean and scratch resistance, meaning this bar stool is durable enough to stay in tip top condition for many years to come. We realise you’ll be using this product on a daily basis so wipe clean surfaces and sturdy construction are a must. This is a product you can use time and time again without worrying about corrosion or wear and tear.

3. 360 degree swivel

The 360 degree swivel makes it ideal to use in a busy bar or kitchen, so you can easily talk to the people around you, or keep one eye on the kids. Plus, who doesn’t like swivel chairs, go on, please your inner child!

4. Comfort

The seat section of our Lacey bar stools are contoured, providing a comfortable fit for the most buxom of derrieres. Comfort is key in all of our products – after all who wants to sit on an uncomfortable stool? Not us.

With a handy foot rest and adjustable seat height you can customise your stool to suit your needs. Such a degree of adaptability is uncommon in many bar stools, and contributes to our Lacey stools huge popularity among our customers.

5. Stunning colour

The calming green of our Lacey bar stool adds a touch of Buddhist zen to any home. It complements a huge array of colours and designs, adding a welcome injection of serenity to your home. A little oasis in the chaos of your kitchen, our subtle green stool will wow your friends with it’s understated glamour.

6. High quality

All our bar stools are made of the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and customer satisfaction. We believe low quality materials look tacky and although they may be cheaper in the outset, you’ll be replacing them more often. Do your room a service and opt for a high quality product such as our Lacey bar stool, you won’t regret it, go on – you’re worth it!

It’s easy to see why our Lacey bar stool is one of our most popular products. A perfect combination of style, functionality, durability and high quality makes this a product you’ll be using time and time again. It looks great propped up next to any bar, whether it be in your home or on commercial premises, so what are you waiting for? Join our growing numbers of satisfied customers and order the Lacey bar stool today.