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Designer Bar Stools

Designer Bar Stools – Dare to be different

We’ve all had that moment when we’ve been at a friend’s house and we’ve suddenly seen a coffee table or a picture or perhaps even a bookshelf that looks incredibly familiar. While mass produced furniture may mean we can now pay less to furnish our homes, has it also meant that we’ve ended up living in cookie cutter doll houses? Another problem with mass produced furniture is that the quality is not always up to scratch – those initial savings go out the window when you consider furniture may need replacing in just a few years.

While we might not be able to solve your coffee table problems, we do have a solution when it comes to unique seating – a selection of bar stools from our designer range. Affordably priced and constructed to the highest standard, these stools will make your home the envy of all your neighbours. In bars, clubs, restaurants, casinos or anywhere else, these bar stools will immediately let your customers know how lucky they are to be in such an establishment.

Funky Bar Stool Walnut

Funky Bar Stools Walnut

The Funky Matrix bar stool is one of the most interesting designer bar stools. While the seat itself is padded for excellent support there is no doubt that it’s the back that demands attention with a pattern of gaps inspired by nature. The stool comes in black and white, but it’s in walnut that this effect truly dazzles, as it looks as if the stool has been carved straight from a tree. This effect is only strengthened by the fact that the wooden frame of the seat contrasts surprisingly delicately with the solid chrome square base, making this a bar stool that will remain fashionable for many, many years to come.

The Stallion bar stool has been made with both traditional and modern design in mind and the result is very pleasing. A curved, padded backrest makes this the perfect bar stool for those that want to enjoy a long leisurely drink or two. It’s perhaps easiest to imagine yourself sat in this stool in your home bar sipping a scotch, but its versatile look allows it to blend in just as well at a breakfast bar or even in a lounge.

Something the Benito bar stools could never be accused of is blending in. Available in a range of colours including vibrant red, orange, or green, the bar stools are perfect for anybody wanting to create a party environment. For a more sophisticated setting the stools come in more sober colours such as black, brown and cream. Whatever the colour, the rippled seat and backrest will allow guests or customers to feel relaxed enough that they can soak in the atmosphere.

Everybody’s opinion of what the perfect bar stool is may differ, but there’s no doubting that each model in the designer range is made with quality, comfort and style in mind. So whether you’re trying to find the perfect bar stool to create that 1920s speakeasy feel or just something that makes getting up in the morning for breakfast a bit more bearable, there’s a designer stool that fits the bill.