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Cream bar stools

Cream bar stools

Colour schemes are always a tricky subject, and it is often the furniture that is considered last of all. Do you want something that accentuates the surrounding tones, boldly stands out in contrast, or adds a complimentary, classic touch? And there is not just the here and now to consider. How will you feel about your colour choice in a year’s time? Or even a week! Fashion, and personal taste too, can be fickle so when considering the colour choice of your bar stools you have to think long term.

When investing in a quality piece of furniture it takes a lot of thought, and if you are agonising over the colour, you would be making a great choice in cream. Cream, I hear you cry! Absolutely. It is the classic colour, and unless your larger colour scheme is white or brightly colourful, it fits in almost anywhere.

It doesn’t scream and shout like other colours, but rather makes subtle statement. A cream bar stool will sit in any room, whether domestic or commercial and harmonise every aspect of its surroundings. It will bring together the other elements of, say, a cocktail bar, kitchen breakfast counter, including the person sitting on bar stool. It is inviting and relaxing, certainly never a divisive colour.

A cream bar stool will sit as part of its context rather than in contrast to it, the effect will be of the overall ambience of the room itself.

Whether at home or in the wine bar, cream bar stools makes a sound investment. Fashions and taste change regularly, but cream will always be cool and complimentary so while you might begin to ponder the challenge of a change to the décor of your kitchen or dinner, say, you can be rest assured that at least you can keep you bar stools.

Zenith Bar Stools Cream

Zenith Bar Stools Cream

This certainly does not mean that cream is a safe or dull choice though. Teamed with the bright chrome and sleek curves of the Zenith bar stool this contemporary, stylish seat that will add a funky finish to any bar or breakfast nook. Then there is the Detroit bar stool, a retro, USA-diner style piece with a modern twist making it perfect for the contemporary home. With easy clean, faux leather finish it really is every bit the cool, timeless classic.

Cream even sits well with a suave, minimalist look. Just take a look at the Baceno bar stool and its swift lines and low seat profile. Perfect for the most cutting edge of interior design.

Pair cream with wood and a whole new range of elements is found. The Stallion bar stool, with a cherry wood seat frame rising into the arms on a chrome stand, oozes quality and class, the rich tones of the wood brought out by the understated cream finish. The Firenze bar stool, 100% leather with solid hard wood, four legged frame is a real classic of style and sophistication. In fact, this design is so popular, it won’t be in stock until the end of April – best get that order in now.

Cream really is a great choice, and as you can see it gives you access to so many different styles. So choosing the colour was easy, now choosing the design is a whole other question!