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Funky Harmony Bar Stools

Harmony Bar Stools

Funky Harmony Bar Stools

Bar Stools UK Introduce The Funky Harmony Range

Hot retro shades such as green and purple have never been more fashionable. Bright rooms in a mish-mash of shades and prints are all the rage at the minute, and although knowing how to bring contrasting colours and styles together can be tricky, fashionistas will know that it’s well worth the effort.

Our Harmony range of bar stools is the ideal addition to any funky retro bar or home. It’s hip chrome design coupled with a choice of shades, from regal purple to racing green, is bang on trend and will upgrade your style status in a flash. With sleek modern curves, gleaming chrome and ribbed faux leather upholstery, the Harmony stool oozes chic and class.

Bright colours in furniture are nothing new, with the 1950’s being the decade of a colour explosion in our homes. By mixing traditional elegance with bright shades you can create a bright and hip room that’s simply bursting with energy and will invigorate your senses.

If you want to create an original look our Harmony bar stools can give your room a style stamp of approval and provide a great talking point with guests. Bright shades are not for everyone, only the brave among us will be tempted to use them, but in this danger lies their charm. Colour mashing isn’t something you’ll see everywhere. It takes guts and a finely tuned fashion radar to judge the chic from the gaudy, but if you get it right the results can be simply stunning.

Incorporating one of our Harmony bar stools into your home could give your room a much needed colour injection. Say goodbye to boring beige and dated magnolia, our regal purple and racing green are timeless classics that will re-invent your home style. Blend them with traditional prints, eccentric wallpaper and other retro furnishings to create a style sensation in your home.

Our harmony bar stools epitomise urban fashion with their vibrant colour palates, clean lines and gleaming chrome. If you’ve seen the catwalks of Milan this year then you’ll know contrasting bright colours couldn’t be hotter, and this trend is predicted only to grow next year. Any fashion guru will know that whats hot in clothing will soon migrate to our homes, so be ahead of the trend and pick up a piece of the retro revival today.

Our Harmony range of bar stools aren’t a triumph of style over substance, made from quality materials with a scratch proof surface, these durable bar stools will take pride of place in your home for years to come. They’re designed with functionality and comfort in mind, with easy to clean wipe down surfaces making maintenance a breeze.

Make a statement this year and be brave with your style. A well placed colourful item of furniture, like our bar stools, can really stand out and create contrast and electricity in your home design. With affordable prices and timeless elegance, you really can’t afford to miss the trend in home design that’s taking the nation by storm.