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Modern Chrome Bar Stools

Chrome Bar Stools

Choose chrome to make a statement with your bar stools.

When you’re trying to decide what material you should select for your bar stools, it is imperative that you select something that will match the rest of the decor in the room it’s being placed in. So, the first thing you need to consider is the purpose and setting of the stool. Is it going to be placed in a commercial bar, or is it going in your kitchen? Is it going to be surrounded by a lot of wood, or is it likely to reside amongst marble or other metallic pieces of furniture or equipment?

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Add That Wow Factor With Chrome!!


If you really want to wow people with your choice of bar stools, you could do a lot worse than investing in chrome. What could be cooler than having a bar stool which has been manufactured by one metal being electroplated onto another? If chrome doesn’t scream ‘modern’ then I’m not sure what else will. As stated though, it’s extremely important that you consider the setting the bar stool is going to be placed in. It’s no good investing your money in something which is ultimately going to look alien in its environment. If you’re going for chrome, there are a few prerequisites. It cannot be placed in a room with a lot of wood, or a room that has a country sort of feel, as the chrome will clash rather than compliment. Instead, it should be placed in a room boasting white or black stone which perhaps already has quite a lot of metal in it. Chrome gives off an air of class, perhaps of bachelorhood and would be best placed in a trendy wine or cocktail bar. Chrome would not work in a country tavern, or in a stately home as there would be too much of a clash between the two cultures being represented by the stool and by the decor. The main aesthetic advantage of chrome is the contemporary feel it can add to a room, and you need to consider if that is what you want when making your decision.

When you’ve decided on chrome, you should start to think about what you want to go with your chrome frame. One suggestion is the white, brown or black leather look that you get from the Kensington Bar Stool. It combines the stylish chrome frame design and fuses that with the comfort you get from the big padded faux leather seat. This stool exudes class and would not look out of place in the swishest of swish bars. Or if you fancy something a little bit more minimalist why not consider the black Como Bar Stools? It certainly reeks of modernity and its ergonomic design is extremely pleasing on the eye. If you’re going for all out comfort you could do a lot worse than pick up the Pacific, which is currently on sale, and boasting a back provides you with style as well as a sense of cosiness you don’t get from other bar stools.

Whatever you decide, make sure to research it thoroughly. If you’re going to be using the stool at home, you’ll want to make sure it’s comfortable enough for you to sit on regularly, if it’s for a commercial setting then you’ll want to make sure your customers are pleased with it. You never know, it could be one of the differences between success and failure.