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The Best Of Leather Bar Stools

Leather: the best of our genuine and faux collection

As far as upholstery materials are concerned, few can match the luxury, feel, sight and even smell of leather. From car seats to sofas, leather is a sure sign of quality and splendour. The case is no different for bar stools – leather commands respect and can instantly make any venue, whether commercial or domestic, seem more prestigious or distinguished.

For those who want the qualities of leather without the slightly higher price tag or use of animal skin our faux leather bar stools are an excellent alternative. Made with quality in mind, you can barely tell our faux leather bar stools apart.

Pranzo Leather Bar Stool

Pranzo Leather Bar Stools

The proportions of the Pranzo bar stool are almost chair-like. Coupled with a very strong and sturdy wooden frame this makes it perfect if you’d like a seat that offers a little more support than a traditional bar stool. Regardless of how much comfort the seat provides there’s no question as to what the main feature of this stool is – the fantastic real leather finish. Available in three different colours (brown, cream and tan), these stools will look just at home in an up-market establishment or help make an existing venue look that little bit classier.

The Cirocco bar stools are a very traditional design without any back support – so sitters may want something else such as a bar to depend on for support. Even without this support, the fully padded seat under the leather exterior is a joy to sit on. The beautiful walnut legs offer the finishing touches to a truly sumptuous stool. While the stool looks beautiful upon delivery (fully assembled) it looks even better with age, making this an excellent investment for the home or a bar.

The beauty of faux leather is that it allows you to be a little more adventurous. Just take a look at the Pavia bar stool collection to see what we mean. As well as traditional leather colours such as black, brown and cream, the range also comes in green, orange and purple for an extra splash of vibrancy. The ‘tub’ style seat is perfect for café diners, your breakfast bar or any other establishment hoping to create an eccentric style. Unlike the real leather stools, most of the faux leather stools – including the Pavia – come with height control and 360 degree rotation for your convenience.

That’s not the case for the Steffano bar stool, which comes at a fixed height with wooden legs and a metal footrest. If you’re after a faux leather stool that mimics the real thing with ease this is your model. As well as being a joy to sit on (a wonderfully padded seat and lower back support ensures this) and a delight for the eyes (whether you choose cream brown or red), the stool is also very practical as it’s easy to wipe clean.

Whether you demand the genuine article or are happy enough with our faux but fabulous substitutions there’s no doubt that whether you’re going for quirky or classical we’ve got the stool that can offer the perfect seat.