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Allegro Deluxe Bar Stools

Allegro Deluxe Bar Stools

Our Allegro Deluxe Bar Stools are a huge hit with our customers who love the uniqueness of it’s dual colour design. In fact dual shade furnishings are taking the UK by storm this year, with this increasingly popularity being attributed to the retro revival. The huge success of our Allegro Deluxe bar stools has come as no surprise to us, take a look at it and you’ll see why. With all the following features you’d be a fool to miss out on the cutting edge trend that’s revolutionising furniture design.

1. Contemporary elegance

Dual colour design is the epitome of contemporary urban style. I mean why have one colour when you can have two? It can add cutting edge chic to your home and modernise and refresh tired looking rooms. Our Allegro Deluxe bar stool is also popular for in commercial settings, so don’t be surprised if you see it in your local high-end clubs and wine bars.

2. Quality

All of our bar stools are made of the highest quality materials. Stunning faux leather and chrome, coupled with an exceptional finish, give this classic stool a touch of class that will impress friends and family alike. Our Allegro Deluxe bar stool screams good taste and quality, wait until you see it in the flesh, it looks even better than it does on paper!

3. Comfort

With pristine faux leather and chrome armrests this is a bar stool you can sink into. It’s designed to be comfy to the max, so you can enjoy a lazy afternoon reading a book in your dining nook, or an evening playing out with the girls. Either way your derriere will be cushioned and is bound to love the Allegro Deluxe model as much as we do!

4. Functionality

There’s no point buying a bar stool that isn’t good at being a bar stool. So we start with functionality and build upon all our products from the same starting point. We understand out customers want a durable product that will survive daily use without being tarnished. We also know you’ll want a product that’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain. With an easy wipe clean surface that won’t rust or corrode our Allegro Deluxe bar stool ticks all the right boxes. With a smooth surface it won’t harbour any unwanted bacteria or dust, so you’ll be safe in the knowledge its a hygienic item for your kitchen, and a safe addition to your home.

5. Customisable

Available in a range of colours you can choose the perfect Allegro Deluxe model for your home. Whether it’s red and black, or black and white, both models are highly adaptable for the user. You can adjust the seat height to suit your needs, which is ideal if you’re vertically challenged like me,as some standard bar stools can be simply too high to access easily.

The 360 degree swivel feature is great as it allows you easy interaction with your environment, whether it be turning around to chat to your friends, or watching what mischief the kids are up to. Whatever the reason, with our Allegro Deluxe bar stools you can literally have eyes in the back of your head! (well sort of)

Allegro Deluxe Bar Stools

Allegro Deluxe Bar Stools Taking The UK By Storm!