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Decorating Your Bar

Decorating Your Bar & Our Bar Stools

Deciding on ways to decorate your bar is never easy. If you own your own bar then you have doubtless been inspired by thousands of the many and various establishments that you have been to in the past. It can be tough trying to decide on which parts of each bar to choose – which bits would go well side by side, and which bits would be well suited to your existing aesthetic, and not forgetting of course which bar stools would suit your look the best! Here are some great tips that should help you when it comes to decorating your bar in a way that is not only great from an aesthetics viewpoint, but keeps a bit of money in your pocket also.

Start a Swipe File

If you are wondering what a swipe file is then it is kind of like a book of inspiration for designers. Most designers have a swipe file and it is basically an empty book with blank pages that gets filled up with magazine clippings of the various things that designers see and get inspired by. Rather than rushing into decorating your bar or buying any style of bar stools just to fill a space, why not take some time over the coming months to start your own swipe file.

This can then be drawn on for inspiration when you are thinking about things such as what bar tables or bar stools to buy. The great thing about a swipe file is that is serves as the perfect tool for communicating your ideas to any interior designers or decorators that you employ. It can be impossible to visualise ideas when something’s being explained. With a swipe file it is all there and it is all clear, and so the changes of having a finished product that you are happy with is greatly increased.

Use Ebay and Reclamation Yards

If you are decorating your bar then you might have a small budget. Even if this is not the case though, and even if you have an unlimited budget, it still pays to look on Ebay because it gives you access to things that you mightn’t have thought of, and it gives you access to various second hand things and one-offs that simply cannot be found elsewhere.

That’s what’s so great about using second hand bar fronts. If you think about the fact that every single bar is bespoke, you are getting something that was specifically made for the aesthetic of a previous establishment. Search hard enough and you will find something from an establishment whose d├ęcor you really dig. It is then a case of getting the bar front delivered to you or picked up and having it altered so that it fits into your own bar. This is something that gives you brilliant opportunity because you can create an amazing retro feel that isn’t that easy to replicate. You can complete your retro look with one of our amazing retro bar stools.

If you can make your patrons feel like they are going to a special place that represents a glimpse into a previous era then you can give them something that most other places cannot. The best thing about this is the fact that you can do it for less than it would cost to have a place that just uses the humdrum of modernity. Having a classic style to your bar, whether it is an art deco theme, a homage to eighties kitsch or whatever, is a great way to offer people something unique. Think Jack Rabbit Slims in Pulp Fiction.

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