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Stylish brushed steel bar stools

Steel bar stools

Steel bar stools are a perfect fit for any cafe or bar with a metallic design and chrome finishes. They suit most decors and are a stunning centrepiece to any room. Most designs can come with back support and 360 degree swivel functionality giving the user a great feel and making them not want to get up. Available in a range of colours and different designs they can suit most people and many different tastes in styles and décor.

The steel design is stylish and gives that luxurious look that will suit both domestic and commercial use. They fit in with modern room designs and can sit as the perfect centre piece for any room.

As a user why would you settle for old outdated designs of sofas and chairs which take up valuable room, are hard to move and shift. Bar stools can fit anywhere, they don’t take up much space and they are easy to move making your seating headaches disappear. offer a wide variety of modern bar stools to suit every customer, whether it is for your home, a restaurant or a bar they have the perfect solution for you. One of their most stylish designs is the steel bar stool which they have two makes available for sale.

Solace Brushed Steel Bar Stools

Solace Brushed Steel Bar Stools

They offer the Solace Bushed Stool which comes in white colour from £89.99. This bar stool has an ultra-modern design with full height adjustment and comes with floor protection to prevent scratches on laminate and tile flooring. A fabulous white faux leather seat gives the perfect comfort for any user and is a real must for the modern apartment.

The alternative steel bar stool they offer is the style brushed stool which comes in black. This bar stool starts from £99.99 and comes with a back rest. A smooth seat design and chunky cushions secures maximum comfort for any user. Again this is finished in high grade faux leather with the stunning steel design it has height adjustment and 360 degree swivel. This stool would be a great choice for any bar or cafe.

Steel bar stools are a real alternative to chairs and would suit city centre living fitting into flats, apartments, bars and cafes. By not taking up as much space as chairs or sofas the bar stool can help these places optimise their space bringing in more customers yet still giving that luxurious feel and stylish look. Bar stools give the modern image and are much nicer than fabric chairs and sofas which get worn and tattered turning people away from sitting on them. The bar stool is long lasting and durable meaning you won’t need to replace any you buy in the near future. Being easy to assemble and coming with a full range of instructions you can’t go wrong!

So if you feel that a steel bar stool would be the right look for you why not give one a go? I promise that you will not be disappointed and more than likely you will buy a whole set.