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Stylish Fixed Height Stools

Bar Stools UK Introduce Their Stylish Range Of Fixed Height Stools

Should you choose a fixed height bar stools or are gas lift bar stools better? Here are the advantages of choosing a fixed height bar stool to help you make your decision.

If you are purchasing stools to use in the same place all the time, then if you pick the correct fixed height stool then there is no need for the height of them to need to be changed. This means you don’t have the problem of people injuring themselves when changing the height of their stool, or the worry that the gas life mechanism might go wrong and you may have to replace them before the stool itself has worn out.
A fixed height stool is much more stylish than a gas lift one. For example the wooden framed Pranzo Bar Stool which has a seat cover of good quality leather. The four legs makes it a very sturdy stool and it comes ready assembled so you know it will be well put together. This fashionable but well made design will make even larger customers feel secure when they are sitting down. The four strong wooden legs which couldn’t feature on a gas lift bar stool will prevent the stool from feeling unstable.

Cirocco Bar Stools

Cirocco Bar Stool Black Leather

The Cirocco range of bar stools has the same strong design but without a back which will allow it to be pushed under the bar to keep it out of the way if needed. It has a simple and classy style which will work in both traditional and contemporary dining areas. Although gas lift stools can be pushed away too you will have to be aware of where the gas handle is so it isn’t sticking out.

Zed Bar Stools

Zed Bar Stool Black

Zed bar stools offer a contemporary style that would fit in an upmarket bar or cafe. Is wider than average base provides a secure seating experience and the unusual design will make it equally appealing in a domestic setting. A style like this just wouldn’t be practical with a gas lift and an unusual feature can draw in more customers.

Manhattan Bar Furniture

Manhattan Bar Furniture

The Manhattan bar set will fit into any small spaces. It is designed for heavy use and therefore will last a long time. What it lacks in style it more than makes up for in practical use. Having fixed height bar stools here means they can be used for a long time without having to be replaced.

You can see from these examples that a fixed height bar stool is a more stylish item and therefore will give a classier look. They are also stronger and more sturdy so won’t frighten potential customers away with the thought that they might fall off the stool.They are hard wearing too so a much better financial investment. So you can see that the added security and stability of a fixed height bar stool makes it the obvious choice for your establishment, and with such a wide range of styles and colours there will be a range of bar stools to fit in with your decor and design..