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Stylish Wooden Bar Stools

Forget knocking on wood – try sitting on it with some of our stylish bar stools.

If you’ve ever found yourself wanting to knock on wood to protect yourself from something unfortunate only to find that you’re surrounded by metals, plastics and other materials perhaps it’s time to invest in some wooden bar stools? Even if you’re not the superstitious type, there’s no denying that wooden bar stools are still incredibly good lucking even if they can’t bring good luck.

As a natural material from a previously living thing we undoubtedly have a connection to wood that just can’t be matched by substitutes such as acrylic or faux leather. This is why wooden bar stools are so perfect for creating a homely feel. As these top wooden bar stools show, however, homely bar stools can still be incredibly sleek and sophisticated.

First off we have the Breeze bar stool. Deceptively simple at first glance, the natural grain of the wood is something that human design can’t hope to rival. Indeed, the whole idea of this stool is to let the natural beauty of the material speak for itself. Of course, we shouldn’t diminish the role design has played in this stool – the stool has been perfectly shaped to provide the maximum amount of comfort possible and its adjustable height makes it accessible to all. The satin finish and smooth lines of this stool makes it incredibly easy and quick to clean, making it ideal even in messy and busy environments.

If the simple elegance of the Breeze bar stool isn’t to your taste why not take a look at the Funky Matrix bar stool? While the walnut model is obviously made of wood, the black and white stools are more mysterious, requiring curious minds to take a closer look and perhaps even feel before they can confidently claim the chair is indeed wooden. Coupled with the faux leather padded seat and carved backrest this stool goes way beyond traditional ideas of what a wooden bar stool should be.

Breeze Bar Stool

Breeze Wooden Bar Stools

If you liked the classic design of the Breeze bar stool but also found yourself fascinated by the unique features of the Funky Matrix model you could find yourself more than content to sit on the Stallion bar stool. A number of colour combinations are available so whatever the environment there will be a stool to complement it. The stool has a somewhat traditional shape, and its curved backrest offers both lower back and arm support. The combination of wood, chrome and faux leather might at first sound peculiar but once you see (and feel) the materials it’s easy to understand how they work in perfect harmony.

So whether you want a classic design to go with your traditional material, something cutting edge and forward thinking, or a fusion of different styles and materials, our range of wooden bar stools has something to offer every taste. Perfect for enjoying an afternoon cocktail, late night scotch, or early morning panini, these stools have all the natural qualities of wood such as strength and stability with the style and sophistication that comes with exceptional design.

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