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Oak Bar Stools

Oak bar stools

The biggest advantage oak gives is the durability it provides. With a density of roughly 0.75 g/cm3, oak will not let you down. It’s a strong wood and it’s a hard wood and because of its high tannin content, it’s also far less susceptible to insect and fungal attack. So in short, if you’re investigating the possibility of purchasing some oak bar stools, you’re thinking wisely and shrewdly.

As a result of their durability, oak bar stools may lend themselves particularly well to the commercial environment. A bar stool in your home may only be used once or twice or day, whereas a bar stool in a commercial bar will be sat upon by a veritable multitude of people every single day. So, if you’re looking for something long-lasting, something that will be able to stand up to rigours of extremely regular use, oak is what you should look for.

Oak also ticks all of the aesthetic boxes. It can come in a variety of shades, but no matter what shade you pick, oak says elegance fused with functionality. It is one of the few materials that is able to appear in furniture as rustic whilst also being very clearly seriously sturdy.

What setting would an oak bar stool fit into best? The hard, woody quality that you get from an oak bar stool helps it to fit in well in organic looking settings. Perhaps at the breakfast bar of the kitchen in your cottage, or if you’re thinking more commercially, the bar of an independent coffee shop or a country tavern. Depending on the design though, oak can also blend in well in a contemporary setting. Oak bar stools can appear homely, but also modern, and it is all about what setting they’re placed in. For example, if you’re running a modern café with wooden floors, glass cabinets and a metallic bar top then an oak bar stool will work well in that setting too.

Tuscany Oak Bar Stools

Oak Bar Stools

The Cirocco is a good example of how adaptable oak is. Whilst it is still made from a hard wood, the stool has been made by fusing the wood with suede, which gives it an almost bourgeois sort of feel. This would go well in an up-market coffee shop or bar, or would work well in a nicely designed sitting room. The environments that Steffano could blend into are just as variable as the Cirocco. The Steffano could work perfectly well in a breakfast bar, but the leather look on top of the simple oak legs means that it could also work in a as different an environment as a nightclub.
Obviously we’ve seen that oak is a stylish and adaptable material and one you should certainly consider when contemplating what bar stool you should get.

Bear in mind that when you’re buying wood, it’s important that you ensure that it’s good quality. You should double check and make sure there are no knots, chips or any other damage. It’s also important to double check that what you’re getting is real oak, as opposed to an oak veneer. As always, double-checking can save you a lot of hassle.