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Green bar stools

Green bar stools

Green might not be the first choice of colour that springs to mind when considering your colour choice of bar stools, but you would be surprised by different effects and finishes you can achieve with this often overlooked colour.

Classically, green is seen as the colour of spring and this association has born some wonderful connotations. Green brings to mind the freshness of nature, and of youthfulness, leading to ideas of new life and hope.

A green bar stool in a kitchen breakfast bar will immediately brighten any morning regardless of the weather outside, setting you up for the day. In a cocktail bar, it will signify a forward thinking but fun attitude, attractive to anyone.

Only a small amount of green needs to be used to achieve spectacular results, and a green bar stool if the perfect way to add this vivacious splash of colour. A brightly coloured bar stool will be small enough so as to not overwhelm its surroundings but prominent enough so as to be still a feature.

Green is a surprisingly versatile colour and depending on the tone and the other colours it is paired with the effects can be startling. Bright green bar stools will convey the ideas of a fresh, youthful outlook, but a toned down, more subtle green implies the gentle environment and reassuring presence of nature.

Pair green with white and the qualities of clean freshness are truly brought the fore. In your home kitchen nothing could be more perfect, refreshing the mind and senses every time you enter the space. Change that white to cream paired with a rich, darker green though and you suddenly have the tones of continental cafes and warm summer days.

How about black? In a cool city bar, pairing black and bright green conjures visions of futuristic, fast paced living. Here, green becomes energetic. The Pisa, Rena and Fusion bar stools are finished in clear plastic, making them right up to date in the style stakes, and selecting the green model will really add the wow factor.

On a bar stool, a green leather or faux leather seat always looks best with chrome. The bright Pavia with its fulsome, padded tub seat offers great comfort and contemporary styling with its simple but fun, curved lines. The solid green of the Harmony bar stool, with its gentle curves and slim-line silhouette instantly draws the attention to relaxed, harmonious repose. Just what you need, whether at home or in a busy bar. The fresh citrus of the Lacy is equally inviting, but in contrast its contemporary, bright white backing, and low cut backrest it brings a Spring-outdoors feel where ever it is used.

Getting the right tone of green is imperative, as even the slightest of difference can wildly change the effect, as the examples above show. It is also clear that true green, on the whole, is best suited to a modern look. No matter how you use it, green will never fade into the background. In fact, why not consider mixing and matching the colours of you bar stools for a truly bright and funky feel?

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