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Comfortable Bar Stools

Bar Stools – Functionality Is Key

With any item of furniture functionality is key, and with bar stools that functionality is comfort. You might think that with a bar stool the comfort is all in the seat – the amount of padding, perhaps, and the curve of the back – and whilst these elements are certainly extremely important factors, an often overlooked aspect is the height of the bar stools.

como-front-red-cropWe all come in different shapes and sizes, and so do our tables tops and bar counters. How easy the bar stool is to get onto and how much does its height fit with where it will be used are important questions to be considered. At home there maybe children and the needs of the elderly must be considered too.

You could have the most comfortable bar stools in the world, but if you cannot sit on it tucked under your kitchen’s counter top, that is no good at all. It is equally the same in a cocktail bar, pub or diner style restaurant, where these considerations are multiplied by the huge range of customers you are hoping to please.

This is where the gas lift function of a bar stool comes into play, not only allowing for the adjustment of height, but the adjustment of height with the greatest of ease.

An air filled hydraulic cylinder built into the frame of the bar stool is operated by a lever just under the seat, raising or lowering the seat’s height. As it is a hydraulic cylinder, the height of the bar stool can be changed by any degree to the desired level within the lowest and highest limits, making it suitable for any bar or counter.

This design makes it the simplest of operations too and takes no effort at all. The gas lift function still allows for full, 360 degree swivelling of the seat, making the gas-lift bar stool the easiest and most accessible bar stool available.

chic-bar-stool-black-front-cropThe nature of the gas lift bar stools necessitates a single column stand, a style best finished in chrome, and whatever style statement you are looking to make, there will be a bar stool for you.

Consider the contemporary Chic bar stool with its bold, slim curve and kite-padded seat. The sleek, curved arms and minimalist footrest not only add to the stunning design, the combination of these elements with the gas lift adjustability completes the easy, comfortable use no matter who the person sitting is, or the place it is used in.

This perfect blending of style and functionality is continued across the range. There is the fun and playful retro styling of the Sorrento bar stool. Available in a wide range of colours, it will suit any setting looking for a contemporary, funky feel. Even the demands of the most cutting edge of interior designs need not impact on comfort and usability. The Como bar stool is a truly striking piece of art, bold in its use of lines, with the frame of the seat dropping to become the bar of the foot rest.

As you can see, when it comes to choosing bar stools, the range with gas lift function is huge, and whatever your taste, you need never compromise comfort for style again.

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