To put it simply, Barstools.co.uk is your number one destination for stunning furniture that sits as comfortably in your kitchen as it does in a cocktail bar.

Unprecedented choice

When it comes to a matter of taste disagreements inevitably arise. Many people will prefer the classic elegance that some of our more understated designs such as the Firenze Bar Stool in black can gracefully boast. Others will be more enthralled by the spectacular vivid colours and circular lines of our Bombay range.

We sell as wide a range of bar stools possible so that whatever your personal style, you'll find something that's perfect just for you. When it comes to deciding what stools to sell we've only got one rule: ensure its quality meets the high expectations of our customers.

Quality materials

How do we ensure our stools are of a high quality? A lot of it comes down to the materials that are used.

Many of our stools are made with ABS plastic, which is durable enough to withstand even the busiest of businesses. They're also incredibly easy to wipe clean, making them much easier to maintain.

Alternatively, we also have an ever-growing selection of real leather stools for the ultimate in luxury and style.

While our stools are strong, they're also incredibly comfortable, so whether you're the first person to sit on it or the hundred-and-first, it'll still feel as good as they day you took it out of the box.

Unbelievably low prices

When buying anything it's natural that you'll want to find the best price possible. In the case of bar stools, since most people will usually want to buy at least a pair, this becomes more important than ever.

This is why we work as hard as possible to bring you our lowest prices - we want to whisk you off your feet, not pull the rug from under you.

Unlike some online retailers we don't hide our prices in last-minute delivery costs. You get free delivery on absolutely everything. There are no nasty surprises during checkout, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Off your feet in no time

The last thing you want when you make an order is to wait weeks for it to arrive. Make your order with us before 2pm on a week day and we will deliver the following working day, or within 2 working days if ordered on a weekend. All of our stock is eligible for free delivery, keeping your costs right down.

So what happens when your stool arrives?

Many of our models, such as the Genova Bar Stool are delivered ready to sit on - you won't have to even touch a screwdriver.

Other models, such as the Cruze Bar Stool, require minimal assembly. Either way, you'll be enjoying your new stools in no time.

With Barstools.co.uk, you can rest assured that you are receiving quality goods that are modern and stylish as well as being moulded for comfort. Browse our full range of bar stools and buy online today.